þórður þorgeirsson & Gigjar

Interview with þórður þorgeirsson. He rode Gigjar in the breeding test at the Landsmót in 2004 and 2006.


The first time I saw Gígjar, I think he was two or three years old. Tóti í Þorlákshöfn always had 20-30 foals to be raised. I had foals with Tóti and i was there. And then I saw Gígjar for the first time. Tóti said:´come you have to see him´ and he let him run in the paddock.´wow´, he was on. It was March there was snow and sun, and he was running for 10 minutes without stopping. I never saw a young stallion running like that. Tölt, trot, gallop he showed everything.


At that time I worked a lot for Gunni and Krissa in Auðsholtshjáleigu. Gunni put a lot of hope on him.  When he was three and a half, I tried him once in winter. He was there immediately, on the hindquarters, in great shape, any speed in tölt and trot was possible. I said to Gunnar: ´Wow, what is this!?´


Then of course the first FIZO for 4 years old, I think that was in Hafnarfjörður. There are  many horses  I have ridden on FIZO, but there are not many that you are really excited about to ride. But when you have horses like Gígjar or his offspring Fláki, they give you an adrenaline rush. That's Gígjar, he does everything for you.


Then Landsmót in Hella was the same year. It was just that simple. You just sit on it and think tölt and then comes tölt. We work with horses every day and what we look for in horses is that the horses are soft and light and in great shape. Gígjar was born like this. And I think that's just Gígjar's genetics, Fláki was exactly like that.


Personally, I am looking for a horse with such a riding feeling, where you just sit on it and then everything is so easy. When the back is too long, it's just more difficult for the horse. Gígjar has never had this problem, Fláki has never had this problem. This connection between mouth and back makes everything so easy, do as little as possible and you are in tölt.


Gígjar was on the Landsmót again when he was six years old, and there he got even higher grades.I was just in love with Gígjar. His character, his good building, his good tolt and also his happinesss & openess. Gigjar passed this on to his offpsrings.


þórður þorgeirsson & Fláki frá Blesastödum. Offspring of Gigjar.

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