Mette Lund Lindberg & Sorli

Mette breeder & trainer of Sorli:

Sörli is from my first year of breeding my own horses. His mother Lýsa was sent to me in training when she was a young horse. I fell in love with her during this time, and decided to buy her. She came with when I was working at Kronshof in 2013, where I decided to put her to only three years old Ódinn since I liked the idea of combining Fannar and Teigur after training several of their offsprings.

Sörli was sadly severely injured in the field when he was 2,5 years old. He fractured his hind knee and injured one ligament in the same area. He was such a champ during his months in a box, always ears forward and patiently waiting for better days. His injury was slowly getting better over the years and we were thrilled that he was actually strong enough to finish a fantastic FIZO with 9,0 for both tölt and spirit already as a five year old. He was competing at one indoor competition as a six year old where he scored 7,25 in fourgait! Now his injury is sadly bothering him again, but we hope to make it through one more time to show him to the world!

He is a horse who loves to work and is very cooperative. He has the best temperament, always willing to go forward and still easily relaxed. He has great carriage with loose shoulders and collection comes very easy to him. Sadly the injury makes it hard for him to push forward in trot and pace but he still shows great talent in all gaits. He has clear gaits with big movements and an uphill-feeling where he carries his neck really well. He is also a very friendly horse who loves to cuddle and wants a lot of attention, preferably all the time :)

Sörli is, like his mother, both silver dapple and roan/color changing. So far over 70% of his offsprings has inherited one or sometimes both his unusual colors.