Arthúr frá Baldurshaga

Arthúr frá Baldurshaga (8.69)



F: Ársaell frá Hemlu || 

FF: Saer frá Bakkakoti 

FM: Gná frá Hemlu || 

M: Kengála frá Búlandi 

MF: Sorli frá Búlandi

MM: Bleikskjóna frá Búlandi

Tolt 9.5
Trot 9.5
Pace 5
Gallop 9.5
Spirit 9.5
General impression 9.5
Walk 8
Slow tolt 9
Total 8.64
Head 8
Neck 9
Back and croup 9
Proportions 9.5
Legs 8
Joints 8.5
Hooves 9
Mane/tail 6.5
Total 8.79



Arthúr Fra Baldurshaga is the 2. Highest shown 4-gaited stallion in the world. He is shown with impressive 8.69 in total with 8.79 for conformation and 8.64 for rideability. He has a lot of 9.5's in his breeding assessment with for examlpe 9.5 for tølt. 

The oldest of his offsprings which are broken in, are looking super promising. They are all very well build, amazing gaits, easy in handling and with amazing colors. He is AA genotype which means he can't breed horses without the tölt gene.

Arthúr himself is the sweetest stallion both in training, covering and handling. He has the perfect mind. He has a really good formation, with good proportions which he has scored 9.5, a strong back and a long beautiful neck. He has very long legs, and is measured to 1.49-1.50cm. He also has extremely interessting color where he is able to breed both dun and creme. We expect him to be homozygous for black since he hasn't bred any red based offsprings.


Covering information:

Arthúr is available through insemination with fresh semen.

Period: 01-05-2023 till 01-10-2023 

Studfee: €1800 

Bookingcosts: €300 

Studfee is exclusive collecting + purchasing of the semen. 

All prices above are exclusive VAT

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