Kveikur frá Stangarlaek 1

K V E I K U R 


F: Sjódur frá Kirkjubae

FF: Saer frá Bakkakoti

FM: Pyrnirós frá Kirkjubae

M: Raketta frá Kjarnholtum 

MF: Gladur frá Kjarnholtum 

MM: Hera frá Kjarnholtum 

head 9.5
neck 9
back and croup 9
proportions 9.5
legs 8
joints 7
hooves 7.5
mane and tail 8
total 8.57
tolt 10
trot 9.5
pace 5
gallop 9.5
spirit 10
general impression 9.5
walk 8.5
slow tolt 9
total 8.88


Kveikur is a nine years old 4 gaited stallion. His father is: Sjóður frá Kirkjubæ (8.70 total) his mother is Raketta frá Kjarnholtum (8.07) she has more first price offsprings. Kveikur is judged with 8.76 total. For conformation: 8.57 and for rideabbilites 8.88. He got a 10 for tölt & temperament. 9.5 for trot, canter, slow tölt and general impression. His highest score is 8.53 in T1. Kveikur is 1.41m high. His breeders describe him with the following words: Sweet, curious, smart and brave. And then he is also the highest judged 4 gaited stallion of the world!



Kveikur is the whole covering season available through KI (fresh semen)


studfee: 2200,- 

deposit: 300,-

exclusive VAT 9%


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