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Our names are Dester van Nunen & Noa van den langenberg. The driving forces behind Hengstenhouderij van Nunen. Since a few years we are fanatic breeders and from that enthusiasm we want to give other breeders from the Netherlands and abroard the chance to breed with the best stallions from abroard. It is our goal to find every season an interesting stallion who can cover at our place in the Netherlands.


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2017: Tigull frá Kleiva 

2019: Styrkur frá Eystri-Hól 

2020: Framherji frá Flagbjarnarholti 

2021: Kveikur frá Stangarlaek

2021: Styrkur frá Leysingjasstodum

2021: Hraunar frá Hrosshaga 

2021: Gigjar frá Audsholtshjáleigu