Hraunar frá Hrosshaga

H R A U N A R 


F: Kjarni frá Pjódólfshaga

FF: Andvari frá Ey |

FM: Kringla frá Kringlumýri

M: Díana frá Breidstödum

MF: Sveinn-Hervar frá Púfu Í Landeyjum

MM: Zara frá Sydra-Skordugili

head 9
neck 8.5
back and croup 9
proportions 8.5
legs 7.5
hooves 8.5
mane/tail 7
joints 7.5
total 8.29
tölt 9
trot 9
pace 5
canter 8.5
rideability 9
general impression 9
walk 7.5
slow tölt 9.5
total 8.02


Hraunar scored 8.24 in total as a 4 year old at Landsmót 2016. He has 9 for tölt and the amazing score of 9.5 for slow tölt. He received 8.29 for conformation and with a size of 1.43m is he a real eyecatcher. Hraunar has been proving himself in sport: he scored 7.47 in fourgait and 7.77 in T1.


Hraunars first offspring are coming under the saddle. They are good looking, have long legs and a strong topline.

His father is Kjarni frá Þjódolfshaga. He has 9,5 for tölt and has first prize for offspring. His mother is a daughter of Sveinn-Hervar frá Þúfu, who is known for giving great competition horses.


Fun fact: Jakob Svavar Sigurdsson had his former mare Gloria (world champion 2017) covered by Hraunar.



Hraunar is covering by hand from te beginning of august until the end of september


studfee: 1400,- 

deposit: 300,-