Styrkur frá Leysingjastodum

S T Y R K U R 


F: Gandálfur frá Selfossi 

FF: Gustur frá Hóli 

FM: Alfadis frá Selfossi 

M: Framtid frá Leysingjastodum 

MF: Orri frá Púfu 

MM: Gaeska frá Leysingjastodum 

head 8.5
Neck 9
back and croup 8
proportions 9
legs 8.5
joints 8
hooves 9
mane and tail 9.5
total 8.72
tolt 9
trot 9
pace 5
gallop 9
spirit 9
general impression 9
walk 9
slow tolt 8.5
total 8.38


Styrkur is a 7 years old four gaited stallion. He is judged with 8.50 total on a age of 6 years. For conformation he received 8.72 total. With 3 times a 9 and 9.5 for mane and tail. For riddeabilities he scored 8.38 as fourgaiter. He received for all his rideabilities a 9 and an 8.5 for slow tölt. Styrkur is 1.47 tall. He is a real´black beauty´. He has long legs, is built elegantly with a lot of manes. He is very polite and because of his good charachter he could by ridden by everyone.



Styrkur is the whole covering season available through KI (fresh semen)


studfee: 1800,- 

deposit: 300,- 

exclusive VAT 9%


Covering conditions Styrkur